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There are more than one and a half million engines produced at Audi Hungaria each year. The world's largest engine factory manufactures five different Otto and three different diesel engine variants, as well as a family of electric drives in the 63kW (86 HP) and 470kW (639 HP) range. The smallest engine made in Győr is highly efficient, but at the same time lends the car a truly sporty and vibrant dynamism. Audi Hungaria has been manufacturing the 3-cylinder, turbo charger-equipped petrol engine for three years, with more than 360,000 units made to date for various models of the Volkswagen Group.

The 3-cylinder drive is subjected to numerous inspections at the Győr plant before delivery. Among other things, fuel leakage is examined using a so-called ‘sniffer robot’, which analyses the seals of the fuel system, and upon detecting fuel immediately signals the problem. The robot also ensures the traceability of measurement results through saved data. By using the ‘sniffer robot’, staff are also able to avoid coming into contact with fuel.